Tuesday, January 03, 2006

erotic india part 1

i plowed through half that erotic indian paperback-it's actually interesting coming from the mind of an 85 year old senile indian. way soft core, but by indian standards, HARD. we read the "F" word, of course the author is hung like a horse and it needs it's name in the cast of characters. ok.

he (he's a brahman) dumps the boring wife of 13 years and the kids. he hooks up with the sweeper, who is an untouchable, with an incredible dark, (BUT pretty anyhow-gee thanks) hourglass figured woman who is very happy to accept money and sex, especially since her husband is a lush and is never home.

than dude puts an ad in several newspapers for a live in sex slave for rps10,000 per month, room and board, free limo service-dude is an importer and a millionaire. hooks up with a short frumpy school marm with small tits and a fat ass who does not drink but suddenly turns into a 6 glasses of port a night hussy, the reputation of both of them becomes public, cause hey-servents are gossips.

now we learn of his schooling in princeton-free scholarship cause he's a genius and goes from delhi to princeton and back again. he meets an orthadox muslim pakistani hindu hater (the dude is a hindu) and the old(20 years his senior) fat smart mouthed pakistani woman gets all political on his ass, fanatical religeous and they have many interesting debates-the most interesting part of the book so far-and low and behold right before she leaves the college, she screws him silly and we get to know all the fleshyness of it-ewe!!! her orthodox muslim ways right out the window.

can't wait to finish so i can regurgitate it on this blog.
stay tuned.


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