Monday, November 01, 2004

where is the yoga

i find it interesting that i have focused mostly on india and their movies rather than yoga. sometimes you wouldn't even know that is why i went in the first place. and honestly, that is not why i'm going back. i can go to helsinki or italy to be with my teacher lino. i can visit guruji on his tour of the states.

i am extremely inspired by india's high standards and attitude towards life. think about it. their art is mindblowingly detailed, the music is insanity, their spices-forget about it. they see no problem with sitting through a 3 hour plus movie, and when you study anything, you get the education of a lifetime. for instance, i came close to signing up for bollywood dance classes. i declined because they insisted that i take class 3 hours a day 7 days a week. the 3500 rupies would have bought me a lifetime membership.(that's75 bucks-such a deal) anyhow, i did not want to overload myself like so many westerners do. i think it's better to absorb india slowly and learn to be still. it is a highly spiritual place and the best place to pray and meditate. (but don't forget the ear plugs-especially in kerala where they love to set off explosives in their temples).

face it, folks. asana is way overrated here in the west. it's sad to see so many people missing the point, practicing their asana, climbing the series. one of the most popular questions among western yoga students studying in india is,"what series and posture are you on." geez, that's like asking someone how much money they make.

the surrender and dedication required for an astanga yoga practice is exactly like painting a mandala. takes lots of time, patience, and discipline. so i've come to the conclusion that to understand india IS to understand yoga. where everything in india IS yoga.



Bill Shapleigh said...

Very true and so well said.

Bill Shapleigh said...

Happy Birthday Bindifry! How's Mumbai (Moooooooooooombai!)? Enjoy your day.

Raja said...

Hi Bindifry (what a name - Bindi is already red, and fried will make it yellow orange red). Next time you visit India, look me up. I live in Pune, India off Mumbai (3 hour drive). The place where Osho's ashram is located. Have a nice house, and you are welcome as a guest for upto 3 days. My email is I have been on the 'spiritual path' and a devotee of Sri Aurobindo, Amma and Osho. Quite a combination. You must have been an Indian in your past life. That is the only way you may feel like coming back so many times. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! from Jim & Debbie